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We are working on a list of persons with a SierraBlaster for hire.

We have not tried it yet. We can not vouch for the effectiveness or safety if used on stumps.

The SierraBlaster does not work as well on soft materials or materials with many cracks or foliations. The gasses escape out the cracks before the propellant can initiate the synergistic loop required to create significant pressure. This does not mean the SierraBlaster can not work on soft or cracked materials. It means the learning curve is higher and the maximum effectiveness will be diminished. See the Technical Overview for more information on the synergistic loop.

Yes! The SierraBlaster works great on concrete.

Not from us. There are places that rent the SierraBlaster locally. We are working on a page that lists the businesses that rent the SierraBlaster.

More FAQ Coming Soon!